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[ the clearing ]
by George Legrady

An interactive computer artwork that explores the constructionof meaning through the language of the Western news representation of the Bosnian conflict. With the assistance of the mouse, viewers explore the surface of a moving hunting photograph to scan a range of topics on Bosnia. They can choose 30 categories to examine news quotes set against the photograph. Different points of view are identified through color coding: the Bosnian Muslims, the Serbs and outside news commentaries. The viewer's experience of information search through this computer program interface is designed to reveal the traces of vision technologies' origins in military and medical applications - a particular kind of seeing that can be described as "search and destroy" or "hold still while I examine." By situating the Bosnian conflict into the familiar game format, real world content is introduced into a form generally not known for its criticality. This allows for a creative exploration of alternative ways in which information can be disseminated and retrieved from databases.

Produced by  bASE.ARTS.
An Anecdoted Archive from the Cold War
by George Legrady

An Anecdoted Archive from the Cold War is an interactive CD ROM that features early 1950's East European personal and official Communist material in the form of home movies, video footage of Eastern European places and events, objects, books, family documents, Socialist propaganda, money, sound recordings, news reports, identity cards, etc. These are part of my collection of things and stories related to the Cold War that I have gathered during the past 20 years. These items, in the form of over sixty stories, have been arranged thematically in eight rooms superimposed on the original floor plan of the former Workers' Movement (Propaganda) museum in Budapest - (the original contents of which have been in permanent storage since 1990). The Anecdoted Archive reflects my particular history in relation to the Cold War. Born in Budapest in 1950 near the end of the Stalin era, I left with my family to the West during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. -George Legrady

Produced by HyperReal Media Productions.

Cultures: From the Annotated Self

by Sammy Cucher

These images are from "The Annotated Self," a project that includes three separate photographic series dealing with issues of consciousness, psychological identity and memory. The source for the images in the "Cultures" series are photographs of doodles drawn on the margins of notebooks, day planners, post-its and scattered notepads. Drawn mostly while on the phone and without any artistic intention, they constitute a sort of automatic writing. The doodles are distilled from an unconscious creative urge which, as I see it, is linked to the basic biological process that enables the evolution of life. -Sammy Cucher


[the clearing] - George Legrady

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An Anecdoted Archive from the Cold War - George Legrady

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Macintosh CD ROM


Cultures from the Annotated Self - Sammy Cucher

Macintosh or Windows on 3.5 diskette.


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