Making, Exhibiting and Marketing for Artists on the Internet

(Artists in Virtual Spaces)

John Sappington -

Making, Exhibiting and Marketing for Artists on the Internet (Artists in Virtual Spaces) focuses on the technical, aesthetic, and critical skills integral to the creation and interpretation of internet art. Through the indivdual artists websites online galleries, publications and other media types we will examine issues surrounding Internet culture: its history, evolution, and impact on art, society. Central to this study will be the identification of trends, issues, and key concepts critical to our understanding of an ever evolving contemporary net work centric culture.

The course will focus on design strategies, tools and applications used in website production. We will apply this technique to the creation of new forms that are net-specific, as well as those that bridge virtual and physical space. Students are expected to produce net projects, a home page/on-line portfolio, independently research and critique net artworks, engage in class disccussion and participation in the online forum in which they will collaboratively record their reflections on the issues presented.

Reading List:

The Digital Dialectic: New Essays on New Media, Peter Lunenfeld, The MIT Press, 1999

Snap to Grid: A User's Guide to Digital Arts, Media, and Cultures, Peter Lunenfeld, The MIT Press, 2000

Resources List:

Internet History:

Technical Resources

Network/Systems Theory of Interest:

Marshal Mcluhan

Marvin Minsky

Ted Nelson

Timothy Druckrey

Week 1     

Faculty/Student Introductions,

overview of course and class resources. In-lab assignment. Notes: introductions, pass out forms/syllabus, review postings, comment on postings, sign up to rhizome and redproject, assigned readings (in-class for discussion and as assignments)

Week 2    

1.1 The internet as network.

Notes: commincation theory. Alternative transports (ICQ, Pings…)

2.1 What is HTML? Where does it come from?

Basic page structure. Hand written coding experiment.

Week 3     HTML applied, One week HTML Exercise
Week 4  

Review work Media Types

1.1 Overview (gif, jpg, streaming audio/video, mp3, wmp, mov)

2.1 Compression, compression, compression

One week HTML with Media Applied Exercise

Week 5   

Review HTML/Media Types applied, intro to DHTML

1.1 Media, time based and automated capture (i.e. sureveillance)

2.1 Guest: Richard Reinhardt

Week 6    

Net Authoring (creating art intended for the internet).

Assign a two week project

1.1 Lee Montgomery

2.1 Linear/Non-linear narrative

Week 7  

Review/refine projects

1.1 Review in session lab

Guest: George Legrady

2.1 Review in session lab

Week 8  

Mid Semester review

Outline BIG project

Assign project plans

Week 9  

Review project proposals

1.1 Communities

2.1 Dynamic publishing


Data collection and display

Guest: Bob Kissinger/Nick Mealy

Week 10  

  To be determined

In class review/lab time

Week 11  

1.1 Guest: Lynn Hershmann

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality

Week 12  

Issues of Authorship:

Copyright Appropriation, collaboration, violation

Paul Klein

Week 13  

To be determined

In class review/lab time

Week 14    
Week 15    
Week 16   Final Presentations & Critique
Additional Resources:

Technical Type:

Type Topics

Webmonkey Fonts

Web Typography Tutorial: Overview
by Nadav Savio

Upper and lowercase Magazine


Microsoft Typography | Developer information

Type Producers



T .26 Digital Type Foundry

Type Creation


FontLab Ltd: FontLab


Dave Emmett's Softy

Font Avenue


From [Divide By Zero] Fonts and the Tom 7 Institute of Computer Knowledge (TICK):


Electronic Publication(s)

Project Gutenberg - electronic books

Night Kitchen, Inc. - Multimedia Software

Technical - HTML

Bare Bones Guide to HTML




NET ART Groups/Institutions/Artists

Arts Listings

The Calls and Opps List



Cooper Hewitt, National Design Museum

John Maeda

Richard Rinehart

Julia Scher

Dirk Paessman and Joan ?_

Jeffery Shaw

Victoria Vesna

George Legrady

Lisa Jevbratt

Tina LaPorta

Ken Goldberg

Collaborative Groups


Group Z

Brick and Mortar

Visual Studies Workshop

New Langton Arts: NetWork

Zentrum fŸr Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe

Pompidou Center

Walker Art Center

Whitney Museum of American Art

Dia Center


Franklin Furnace




C3: Center for Culture & Communication



Austin Museum of Digital Art

Net Art Topics

Historical Links


New Media/Internet Theorist/Historical Figures

Computational Design

Marshal Mcluhan

Marvin Minsky

Ted Nelson

Timothy Druckrey

Global Ideas Bank

Intellectual Property (Copyright)

Copyright Website

United States Patent Office - Intellectual Property and the National Information Infrastructure

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Stanford University Copyright and Fair Use

Fair Use and Multimedia

Intellectual Property Law Primer

Project Management

Charting Multimedia: The Process Between Concept and Creation