Flashgun Casey Created
by George Harmon Coxe

Originally appearing in the pages of Black Mask, under the watchful eyes of then-editor Joseph Shaw, FLASHGUN CASEY was the originally fast-talking crime photographer, a big, hot-tempered Boston Mick with a gift for gab and a nose for trouble. No "artiste", Casey kept a bottle of hooch and a .38 in his desk drawer, and boasted of being able to put a "slug where he aimed" and having "two big fists he knew how to use." He appeared in several short stories in the pulps and several novels. While writing the novels, Coxe decided "Flash" was a bit rough-edged, so he cleaned him up a bit, married him off, made him a bit more "professional" and created a new photographer/PI, Kent Murdock, who went on to appear in twenty two books.

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(1958-60, ABC) 29 30-minute episodes Black & white Produced by A.E. Houghton, Jr. Writers: Stanley Niss, Richard Bluel, James Edmiston, Steven Thornley Directors: Gerald Mayer Theme: "Man With A Camera Cues" composed by Herschel Burke Gilbert Starring Charles Bronson as MIKE KOVAC Also starring James Flavin as Lt. Donovan and Ludwig Stössel as Anton Kovac Guest stars: Fred Essler, Sebastian Cabot, Angie Dickinson, Grant Williams, Yvonne Craig, Harry Dean Stanton, Johnny Seven, King Calder, Audrey Dalton, Warren Douglas, Elaine Edwards, Elisabeth Fraser, Alberto Morin, Bert Remsen, Robert Carricart, Bill Erwin, Frank Faylen, Karl Lukas, Stephen Ellsworth, Don Durant, Tracey Roberts, Norma Crane, Grant Williams, Peter Walker, Morgan Jones, Jesse Kirkpatrick, David Whorf, Ann Morrison.