Digital Imaging Process and Technique II

Spring Semester 2003

Location: BFL-207

Online Syllabus:  http://www.basearts.com/digImaging.htm

Course Syllabus

Class Schedule: Lecture/Lab Wednesday - 10:00-12:50 PM
Instructor:  John Sappington - john@basearts.com

The instructor will be available to assist students in the lab (BFL-207) by appointment. 


This is a course that builds on the introductory concepts of digital imaging. Students will engage in production of digital images suitable for printing and multimedia applications. Emphasis is on composition, practical color theory, and advanced software topics such as the use of masks, paths, and further exploration of layers.


Weinmann, Elaine and Peter Lourekas. Photoshop for Windows & Macintosh; A Visual Quickstart Guide. Berkeley, CA: Peachpit Press, 1999.


Students are required to obtain backup media to store class example files and work in progress.

Optional media types are:

- 250MB Zip disks

- CD ROM, Write-once or Re Writable: Approx. capacity 700+MB 

- DVD ROM, Write-once or Re Writable: Approx. capacity 2-4 GB.

Students are also required to have an e-mail account.  This can be accessed through the lab and may be a free account like those available from Hotmail, Yahoo, Freemail, Excite, etc.  The instructor will assist students in obtaining an e-mail account if necessary only on the first day of class.  Students will be expected to check this e-mail account at least once a week.  General class announcements will be reported via e-mail.


50% of student grades will be based on class participation.  Students must attend class in order to effectively participate.

30% of student grades will be based on the completion of assigned exercises.  These exercises will not be graded for skill or content, but will be checked only for completion.  Incomplete assignments will be considered undone. 

20% of student grades will be determined by averaging grades on five evaluative class assignments and one final project.


Students are expected to attend all of every class meeting unless they have received prior permission from the instructor. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class meeting. Anyone absent when attendance is taken will be assumed absent from the class.   If you are late to class it is your responsibility to make sure your attendance is acknowledged by talking to the instructor. 

If a student misses two weeks of class without being excused, it can be assumed that the student is intending to drop the class.  Because this class meets only once a week that means two absences will be grounds for the instructor to drop you from the class. 

If you are intending to drop the class, it is your responsibility to drop the class.  You should not assume that the instructor will automatically drop you because of absences.  If you stop attending classes and you do not drop the class, and the instructor has not dropped you from the class; the instructor may be required to give you a grade of F for the class.

Digital Imaging Process and Technique I

Course Schedule
(subject to change)

Session II

Week 1

Syllabus Overview - Expectations

Best Practices - File Backup and Use

Assignment: Bring in 3 graphics (magazine clippings, photographs, video stills ? how ever you get them here) that you find compelling or that illustrate something you would like to accomplish in Photoshop.

Week 2

Review - Best Practicies - File Formats - Color Theory - Resolution Basics

Chpts. 2 and 22

Design Topics - Hierarchy - Order

Design History:

- Review Topics concentrated on Bauhaus


Week 3

Advanced - Layers - Masks

Chpts 14-17

Design Topics - Contrast and Texture- Depth - Geometry


Utilizing source material (photographs, web graphics or illustrations) from your own collection or the tutorials folder images, produce 5 Graphics - to the specifications below. These can be in any combination of quantities however, it is suggested that at least one design be duplicated for both print and web.

Print - 300 Dots(pixels) per inch

Web - 72-96 Dots(pixels) per inch

Also, check out this site:

Week 4

Filters and Effects - Fonts

Design Topics - Working with Type/Text


Week 5

Print Specific

Pgs - Chapter 22 pgs 407-411, 416

  Assignment: Prepare file for print and exhibition
300 DPI
13X19 Maximum size

Week 6

Spring Break - No Class





Week 7

Web Specific - interactive: rollovers, animated gifs, slice tool.
Pgs - Chapter 23 pgs 461 - 494

Design Topics - Print vs. Web?

Assignment: Projects Begin

Week 8

Week 9
05.14 Final Submit and Critique Final Project Presentation


Internet Resources-Links-Examples