Digital Arts Final 2014
Instructor: John Sappington

Please complete all fields and submit in a single browser session.

List and briefly describe 3 elements and 2 principles used in the creation of a graphic composition.

Briefly describe a physical method of animating hand drawn graphics ?

Briefly describe a digital method of animating hand drawn graphics ?

List a favored type face you have worked with and describe the characteristics you find appealing,
what is its impact on the message you are trying to communicate.

Bonus Question:

What is the most important but often overlooked aspect of a graphic compostion that is equal to but empty of message.

Give the name or title and a brief description of the most significant assignment, project or event for you
from the spring semester.

At the beginning of the year you defined your motivation for working in Digital Arts. Have your goals
changed? Have your feelings about Digital Art changed? Has your understanding of what Digital Art
is changed in any way this semester and if so, how ?

What are your goals for next year?

General comments regarding the course/materials/methods: